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If you need to create a new recording or transfer old ones, Jasir Productions is an excellent choice for high quality digital audio.
For live concerts and recordings made in night clubs, churches, theaters, office buildings, etc., our thirty-plus years of experience in recording events on location will help you produce great results.

Studio Time Discounts
As I continue renovations on the studio, I have received interest from musicians and producers who are anxious to start new projects but are having a bit of trouble with budgeting. So I am offering a special rate for blocks, a very good deal on recording time. This has helped some new clients already.

My standard rate is $50 per hour for tracking or mixing. I am pleased to allow clients to book ten hours of studio time for $400. Your session can be booked Monday through Friday for any hours between 10:30 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. A five hour session in this time frame can be done as well, provided that we allow time for a thirty minute break. Sessions starting at 4:00 p.m. are available at the regular rate. To take advantage of this $100 discount, the session must be paid for at least two days in advance.* I don't require that the person paying for the studio time be the artist or company who attends. In other words, someone may buy a block of time as a gift for someone else.

One of the best features of recent renovations is the installation of a comfortable and acoustically excellent recording booth. I originally created the booth in preparation for tracking drums on a client's jazz guitar project. It works great for vocals. In fact any solo instrument will record well in this new space. The studio is also equipped with an 88-key controller (the M-Audio Keystation Pro 88) and an excellent set of acoustic and electric piano samples. A Yamaha PSR-550 keyboard with a very good palette of XG sounds is available. There is also a Peavey TNT 130 instrument amp, excellent for bass. There is space enough to comfortably record a five piece band, and drummers are welcome to use the studio kit. The drum kit is always mic'd BEFORE a session starts, so the band doesn't have to wait around twiddling their thumbs for that process. There is also a pair of Gon-Bops timbales, a conga drum, and a few pieces of hand percussion (shakers, etc.). See below for a link to audio clips, including clips demonstrating the drum sound.

Another feature, very useful to movie producers, is the monitoring system set up for discrete 5.1 surround sound. Using Logic Pro and a fair investment of mix time, a good surround sound mix can be generated for the creation of an AC-3 file. There are six sets of high quality headphones, two of them wireless. But clients are welcome to bring their own headphones if they have a set they particularly like for tracking or mixing.

Other production services include high resolution transfers to digital audio from LP's or 45 rpm records, audio cassettes and even the old 8-track cartridges. In fact my 8-track player has discrete quadraphonic outputs. There is also a Sony HandyCam. Clients are welcome to bring Mini-DV tapes to record video of their session(s). Video can be sync'd with the audio recording system, so when performers are recording overdubs they can watch video of the performer(s) who recorded the first track. I have found this to be very useful for getting better timing in the music during overdubs. In a band setting, the drummer is usually the best candidate for the video, since we tend to flail our arms around more than other musicians.

Telephone contact is 901-385-0236 (Jeff Rust). If you call while a session is happening, the voice-mail will answer; please leave a message, and I will get back to you soon. Below is a quick list of some of my credits as a producer and a link to some sounds recorded in the studio.

  • Engineering and mixing for Steve Harris' jazz album, "Somewhere Between". This was our first project to make use of the new recording booth for recording drums, percussion and vocals. There is a sample audio clip of Steve's project at the page of mp3's via the link below.

  • Location recording for The Assisi Concerts, a series of concerts at St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Church in Cordova, TN. The Inaugural Gala in December 2005 featured internationally renowned soprano Kallen Esperian, Memphis Symphony Orchestra flutist Karen Busler with other musicians. Arrangements and direction were by bassist/composer Sam Shoup. In March of 2006 the church's concert choir, directed by Anthony Williams, performed the Requiem by Maurice Durufle. The choir was accompanied by organist Helen Rougeou and a chapel orchestra made up of musicians from the Memphis Symphony Orchestra. In July we were blessed to have visiting artists Fiona Thompson, Ya-Ting Chang, and Peter Sirotin, the Mendelssohn Piano Trio. Karen Busler, artistic director of the series, presented "Making Joyful Noises". This concert featured Karen and a host of excellent singers and instrumentalists directed by Adam Turner.

  • Location recording for the Memphis Vocal Arts Ensemble directed by Thomas Machen in several of their concerts from 2005 through 2008, including: Sing Hallelujah, hosted by Joyce Cobb and her band Cool Heat; a fundraiser concert at the Clark Opera Memphis Center hosted by soprano Kallen Esperian; and Cartoon Classics - A Family Concert presented at the William H. Rose Theatre of the Buckman Performing and Fine Arts Center.

  • Sound design & original music for Cloud 9, a play by Caryl Churchill produced at Theatre Memphis on the Next Stage (March, 2004). With direction by Brian Mott, this production was nominated for four Ostrander Awards including Best Sound Design.

  • Musically Yours - James A. Hyter, the solo CD by one of Memphis' best loved singers and entertainers.

  • Location recording for nine different Federal Agencies in hearings, depositions and occasionally full trials.

  • Recording and mix of radio ads for comedians promoting upcoming shows, including Joby Saad.

  • ADR (Automated Dialogue Replacement) sessions for movie maker, Thomason Pollard.

    Listen to mp3 samples of music and sound design.

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*NOTE: Payment for sessions may be made with debit or credit card via PayPal. A 2.9% processing fee applies to card payments .

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