Date: August, 2014
Subject: Jasir Productions - Outline of Services and Pricing
Contact: Jeff Scott Rust
Or at 901-385-0236 (Memphis)

    1. Sixteen-track digital audio production
      • Computer based state-of-the-art audio recording
      • Logic Pro 6 on the MacBook Pro (OS 10.6) or Logic software, version 5 or 6 on the Macintosh G4 (OS-9 or OS 10.4).
      • Sixteen channels of simultaneous recording
      • Total of 32 tracks available with overdubbing
      • Dynamics control, digital effects, and total recall automated mixing
      • 24 Bit, 44.1 or 48 KHz recording quality
      • Up to 24 Bit, 96 KHz quality available for simultaneous recording of eight tracks
      • Logic Pro includes one of the best sample editors in the industry
      • Special functions for noise reduction and time-constrained pitch correction
      • Digital mixdown to SoundDesigner II, AIFF, WAVE, or MP3 format
      • Mixes can also be created in Pro Logic, 5.1, 7.1 and EX surround formats
      • Audio mixes & track data archiving to compact disc (CD-R discs are $3.00 each)
      • Large projects can be archived to DVD-R, up to 8 GB capacity (DVD-R discs are $7.00 each)
      • $50/hour in studio
      • On-location recording (small setups such as piano & vocal or video dialogue):
        $100 for first two hours, $50/hr. each additional
      • On- location recording (large setups such as choral group or five-piece band)
        $200 for first two hours, $50/hr. each additional
      • On-location recording (complex setups such as orchestra or opera)
        $400 for first two hours, $70/hr. each additional

      • Prices for location recording are Memphis area productions.
        Call or write to us for information about productions outside of the Memphis area.

    2. MIDI production
      • Computer based MIDI recording and sequence editing
      • Logic Pro software running on the MacBook Pro or Macintosh G4
      • Virtually unlimited number of MIDI tracks available
      • Standard interfaces available for any MIDI workstation or MIDI device
      • MOTU Digital Performer 3 and Opcode Vision 3.5.6 also available
      • Roland/BOSS DR-660 drum machine
      • Yamaha PSR-550 keyboard with XG General MIDI sound canvas
      • M-Audio Keystation Pro-88 controller for full dynamic control of acoustic and electric piano samples
      • S-O-T-A software synths, including the Emagic EVP-88 & EXS24 sampler
      • MIDI sequencing fully integrated and synchronized with digital audio
      • Save Logic or Standard MIDI files to CD-ROM, DVD-ROM or ZIP 100
      • Audio to MIDI conversion feature (works best with solo lines)
      • $50/hour in studio (for MIDI production, or MIDI + digital audio work)

        To hear a sampling of combined audio and MIDI production, go to: Jasir Music


    1. Computer based, publication quality notation
    2. Logic Pro software running on the MacBook Pro or Macintosh G4
    3. 8.5 inch x 11 inch sheet music on high resolution ink jet prints
    4. Notation fully integrated with MIDI sequencing and editing
    5. Conversion of audio tracks to MIDI and notation also possible
    6. Various sheet music templates & full score templates available
    7. File storage (Logic or Standard MIDI file) to CD-ROM or Zip 100
    8. Score and sheet music pages can also be saved as PICT files
    9. $40/hour with engineer; ink jet prints are 20 cents per page
    10. $15/hour system rental, available to qualified Logic Pro users
      (system only available between regular sessions, inquire about schedule)

    1. Professional mastering software on the MacBook Pro or Macintosh G4
    2. Music and other audio files can be retrieved from. . .
      • Audio CD or CD-ROM
      • SDII, AIFF, WAVE, MP3, iMovie, Quicktime or Final Cut audio files
      • Standard analog cassettes, with or without Dolby B or Dolby C
      • Long Playing records, 45 RPM and 78 RPM records
      • Consumer type 8-track cartridges
      • 3.75 i.p.s. 4-track cassette recordings, with or without Dolby C
      • Hi-Fi Stereo VCR tapes and S-VHS tapes
      • most other analog or digital media, if machine is available
        Audio can be edited & enhanced with Logic Pro software
        • For music CDs, basic editing averages five minutes per song
        • High quality compression, E.Q. and effects can be used on the audio mixes
        • Recordings of virtually any quality can be improved
        • Logic's sample editor provides great precision in working with audio
        • Special functions available for automatic hiss and spike reduction
      • Compact Disc formats which can be recorded . . .
        • Promo CDs (aka - 'Test Pressings', not for duplication)
        • Market CDs (ready for sale when labeled, thermally or screen printed)
        • Red Book compliant CD-R for duplication
          (This is commonly referred to as an 'Audio CD Premaster'.)
        • White Book compliant Video CD
        • Blue Book compliant Enhanced Music CD (aka - 'CD Extra')
        • CD-ROM in Macintosh, ISO 9660, or Mac/ISO hybrid
        • Many types of files including data files, photos, and sounds, can be
          catalogued and then recorded to CD
        • CDs are $3.00 each, or $2.50 each in a bulk order of 100
          (Labeling is included at these prices, if needed,
          but there is a set-up fee. See 'ARTWORK' outline below.)
      • Audio mastering services are $50/hour plus costs of blank media.

    1. Cassette Labels
      • Basic information about the recording - no minimum order
      • Up to five lines of 50 characters per line available
      • Labels available in white, blue, green, gray, tan and mauve
      • $25 set up fee; 10 per tape with 1 label per side
    2. CD labels
      • Basic information about the recording - no minimum order
      • Graphics, such as a logo, can be laid in if provided
      • $25 set up fee; 20 per CD - full color ink jet print on white label
    3. Digital Photography and Image Capture From Color Slides
      • Fujiilm S700BK DSLR; 7.1 MegaPixels and 10x optical zoom; Fujinon lens.
      • (To see unedited photos, go to Impressions...)
      • Photos can be quickly dropped into a computer folder via USB connection
      • Frames can be grabbed from DV camera footage and converted into stills.
      • Images on 35mm color slides can be digitally captured (40-cents per slide)
      • Images on 2.25" square transparencies can also be digitally captured (40-cents per slide)
        (Common film types are Kodak Ansochrome and Ektachrome and the "Easy-Mount" slides from Craftsmen's Guild in Hollywood.)
      • Photo prints and documents can also be 48-bit scanned with our HP 3970 scanner.
      • Image editing and color correction using Adobe Photoshop Elements version 6
      • Excellent color or b&w prints to matte or glossy paper on HP DeskJet printer.
      • Photo services (other than capture from slides): $50/hour (In-house or Memphis area locations)
    4. CD Duplication and Imprinting
      Write for information about audiocassette and compact disc duplication.
      If we cannot do the job, we will refer you to companies that provide great products and fast turnaround.

  1. VIDEO
    1. Post Production
      • Computer based video editing
      • Footage can be captured from Mini-DV tapes via FireWire
      • Footage can also be captured from VHS or S-VHS tapes
      • Final Cut Express HD and iMovie 2 software on the MacBook Pro or Macintosh G4
      • A video+audio and additional audio tracks can be blended
      • In Final Cut, up to 99 video layers can be composited
      • Playback speed of video clips can be adjusted
      • Zooming & panning can be used to reframe shots
      • Still frames from digital cameras and photo scans can also be used
      • Beautiful transitions, digital effects, and dynamic titling can be added
      • Video filters, color correction, and CGM are also available
      • Dialogue can be replaced by an actor in the studio using a well-established "looping" technique for perfect sync
        ADR (Automated Dialogue Replacement).
      • Audio can be remixed and enhanced in Logic Pro 6, sync'd with QuickTime movies
      • Music and sound effects can be layered in for the sound mix
      • Editions can be printed to Mini-DV tape, DVD, VHS or as a QuickTime Movie
      • Quality level/file size of QuickTime can be set to suit distribution requirements
      • $50/hour in studio
    2. Cinematography
      • HDTV quality images captured using the Krasnogorsk Model 3 Super-16mm movie camera
      • Proprietary system for remote control of the camera with remote monitoring
      • Super 16mm footage using Kodak's latest stocks can be telecined to professional video formats
      • Sony DV-Cam used for reference of shot compositions and performances
      • Super 16mm picture with sound also available (shots up to 2.7 minutes long)
      • Sound is recorded to Logic Pro at up to 96Khz, 24 bit resolution
      • Crew Cost (Picture only): $100 per hour flat rate, pro rata
      • Crew Cost (Picture + Sound): $250 for first hour, $150 each additional hour
      • Media Costs (Picture only): $100 for first minute of footage. $40 each additional minute
      • Media Costs (Picture+sound): $150 for first minute, $50 each additional minute
      • All video footage is provided to the customer as processed Super 16mm negatives (cleaned and assembled) along with a QuickTime movie reference version. Sound is provided on CD-ROM as client's choice of SD2, AIFF or WAVE files. Footage with sound sync can be printed to Mini-DV, DVD or VHS for reference, if desired. Turnaround for this service is about seven to ten days. We can also refer you to excellent Post Production facilities in Memphis and Nashville for editing your footage at broadcast quality (Standard 4:3 or HDTV 16:9).
      • Call for a demonstration. An MPEG demo will be available online soon.
        Contact: Jeff Scott Rust
        Or at 901-385-0236 (Memphis)
    3. Telecine
      • High quality transfer of 8mm, Super-8mm, 16mm or Super-16mm film to QuickTime video files.
      • For 8mm or Super-8mm, reels of prints up to 400 feet long can be run on our system.
      • For 16mm or Super-16mm, reels or cores of prints up to 400 feet long can be run on our system.
      • Telecine pricing currently 15-cents per foot for any of these four formats. $10 minimum order.
      • Optical sound can be captured from 16mm optical-sound films at rate of 10-cents per foot.
      • Soundtrack can be synchronized with its 16mm picture for $1.00 per minute of footage.
      • We clean & lubricate film using FilmGuard for 5-cents per foot. No cost if submitted for telecine.
      • QuickTime files are written to a DVD data disc, playable on most computers.
      • If required, we can author & create a video DVD of your footage for $25.
      • QuickTime files of different film formats can be written to the same DVD.
      • We return-ship film & discs via UPS in North America. International orders are not currently being accepted
      • All orders require prior contact with Jeff via email or phone (901-385-0236).
      • Telecine customers may print and fill out this Order Form for convenience.

We encourage you to bookmark or print this page and keep it handy for quick reference. Services and prices are subject to change, however. Review this page for updates by refreshing your browser. Or you may e-mail Jeff for current info.

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