Conversion of your Films to QuickTime Movies in DV/DVC-PRO:

Use this Order Form for Efficient Processing - You May Print In Black & White To Save Color Inks

(Essential questions are marked with an asterisk *. Other questions may not apply to your order, and you may mark these as “N/A” or “Unsure”.) 


* Name:

* Street Address:

* City:

* State:

* Zip Code:

* Telephone Number:

   E-Mail Address:

* What types of film are you submitting for Telecine and how much?

Regular 8mm ___________________________________ feet

Super 8mm ____________________________________ feet

Standard 16mm ________________________________ feet

Super 16mm __________________________________ feet

Total Footage: ________________________________ feet

(Telecine service is 15-cents per foot. Minimum order is $10.00.)


The QuickTime video files we create of your footage will be written to a Data Disc which can be read by most computers with a QuickTime player installed.

The first disc is provided at no additional charge. The video files are DV/DVC-PRO type. Each disc holds approximately 20 minutes of footage.

What type of computer operating system do you use? _____________________________________ (examples: Macintosh OS 10; Windows XP; Windows 7 Home Edition . . .)

How old is your computer system? _______________________

* Do you require a Video-DVD that is playable using a standard DVD or Blu-Ray player? ________________  (Fee applies. See next line.)

The creation of a Video-DVD is $25.00 per disc. Each disc can contain up to one hour of footage.

Additional Video-DVD’s or Data Discs are $5.00 each if you request them with your initial order. If you require additional discs, please indicate:

- Number of additional Data Discs: _______________________

- Number of additional Video-DVD’s: _____________________


Cleaning & lubrication of film submitted for Telecine is mandatory. The industry-standard cleaner manufactured by FilmGuard is used.

There is no additional charge for cleaning of film that is submitted as a Telecine order. If your film has already been cleaned and you do not need this service, please indicate how long ago the film was cleaned: ______________________________

You may elect to submit film for Cleaning Only (without Telecine).

 In that case the rate is 5-cents per foot.

What types of film are you submitting for Cleaning Only and how much?:

Regular 8mm ____________________________ feet

Super 8mm _____________________________ feet

Standard 16mm _________________________ feet

Super 16mm ___________________________ feet

Total Footage: _________________________ feet

Please indicate the year, if known, when your film was purchased and processed: ___________________________

(Please note that we cannot accept nitrate-base film for telecine.)

It is helpful for us to know the actual frame rate that was used when your footage was shot. If you know this, please indicate the frame rate here. Also explain if the rate differs for different reels or varies within a reel. (Silent footage is usually 18 frames-per-second, sound footage usually 24 f-p-s.): ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Are you or your company the copyright owner of the footage you are submitting? _______________________________


Return shipping of films and discs is via UPS. All completed orders must be shipped to an address in the continental United States. The customer is responsible for shipping costs. Only actual shipping costs will be applied to your invoice.

* Do you need your order finished by a certain date? ___________

   If so, how soon do you need your disc(s)? ___________________

Send your film(s) with this completed order form to:


4479 Raleigh-Millington Road

Memphis, TN 38128-1922


Tennessee residents are required to add 9.25% sales tax to their order. Payment is required when your order is finished and ready to ship. You will receive a call when your order is packed for shipment.

If paying by check or money order, your payment should be made out to: Jasir Productions.

Payment can also be made via PayPal to:

Do you plan to use PayPal for this order? _____________________

(Please note that the standard fees for using PayPal apply. We will inform you what the total, including any fees, will be when we receive this order.)

We look forward to creating a great digital capture of your film!

Thanks . . . Jeff Scott Rust

|edition: January/2012|
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